Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Here at Delta-V Coffee, we're constantly working on new products ideas.  From new kinds of coffee to new coffee mug designs, we try to offer a little something for everyone.  We're currently working on a couple new products that we plan to release later this year:

New Sampler Pack:

To help you figure out which Delta-V coffee you like best, we are offering sampler packs.  We already offer a GNC Sampler Pack of K-Cups.  GNC gets its name from the initialization for Guidance, Navigation, and Control. Controlling the spacecraft orientation and determining its position in space are just a couple of the responsibilities of GNC.  For us, GNC means coffees from Guatemala (Gemini), Nicaragua (Apollo), and Colombia (Mercury).  The GNC Sampler Pack has 4 K-Cups each of Apollo Medium, Gemini, and Mercury.  We'll soon be offering a GNC Sampler Pack of Pi Size bags of coffee.  It will be a box that contains Pi Size bags of Apollo Medium, Gemini, and Mercury coffees in your choice of ground or whole bean.  If you have any questions or need help figuring out which coffee to get, feel free to email us at

Our take on Pumpkin Spice:

This fall, we'll be releasing our version of pumpkin spice coffee.  We've mostly stayed away from flavored coffees because we generally don't care much for the flavor oils most companies use.  However, we've been experimenting with alternate ways to get flavors like pumpkin spice into your coffee without relying on flavor oils.  The results have been fantastic!  We're excited for you to try it!