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Most coffee companies use drum roasters to roast their beans, but we opted for a fluid bed roaster. Fluid Bed Roasters use a stream of hot air that surrounds and suspends the coffee beans during roasting. After experimenting with both drum and fluid bed roasters, we chose the latter because of the very even roasts and exceptional flavor profiles it produced.


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Delta-V Coffee Space Themed Coffee

About Delta-V

Delta-V is a small batch coffee roaster founded by engineers. We strive to bring our love of coffee and space exploration to our fellow nerds, so we can create a coffee experience that is truly stellar!

Curious about why we named our company Delta-V? Read about it here.


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Delta-V Coffee Space Themed Coffee

Ethically Sourced

We believe in ethically sourced coffee beans. All of our coffee comes from worker-owned cooperatives and smallholder farmers that work with Fair Trade.

Fair Trade ensures that family farmers receive fair prices for their harvest and establishes guidelines for fair labor conditions and environmental sustainability.


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Very high quality cup of coffee. Smooth, balanced, and easy to drink. The flavor has hints of cocoa and is smooth enough to drink black. I used a pour-over method and ground the beans a little bit coarser than completely fine. Soooo good. :) 10/10 recommend!


Probably the best coffee from whole-bean I’ve ever had. Used a French press with it and it really brought the flavor out even the point where I could just drink it black...and I’ve never done that. You won’t be disappointed with this.


Love this coffee! It arrived very quickly in beautiful packaging, the beans are very fresh and smell wonderful, and the coffee is extremely smooth, satisfying, and absolutely delicious! It is truly out of this world, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!


Best coffee I've ever had! Super fast shipping, great company to deal with.